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Services Offered

Full Statutory & Preventive Maintenance Service

Regular inspection and servicing of the following items as required by the relevant Australian Standards, Current State and Federal Law and Manufacturers requirements so that these items operate as intended to protect the health and safety of the end users, meet the requirements of manufacturers warranties and the integrity of your asset.

Statutory Requirements

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves (AS/NZS4032)
  • Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) / Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB’s) (AS/NZS3760)
  • Emergency and Exit lighting (AS/NZS2293)
  • Fire Services (including Hydrants, Fire Doors, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Panels and Smoke Control Systems)(AS/NZS1603,1607,1851, 2419, 2427, 2428)
  • Backflow Prevention Devices (AS/NZS2845)
  • Inspection of Roof Anchor Points (AS/NZS1891)
  • Fume Cupboards (AS/NZS2243) Preventive Services
  • Roof, Gutter and Downpipe Cleaning (prevents water ingress to building, fire hazard build up, extends life of gutters and downpipes and reduces chances of mould growth)
  • Stormwater Line and Pit Cleaning – (Ensure water gets away through a clean system to eliminate minor flooding of buildings)
  • Lighting Inspection and Maintenance
  • Servicing of Windows and Doors
  • Gas Lines and Appliances
  • Water Tank and filter Cleaning & Maintenance

Scoping Services

Our friendly staff are diverse in their experience and qualifications and can offer advise and scoping services for the smallest of renovations such as a office addition through disabled access upgrades complying with AS1428 to major upgrade programs across many facilities.
Condition Assessment of Existing Assets

We can offer experienced staff for the purpose of reporting on maintenance requirements of your assets (either to Australian Standards or your individual company requirements). These could range from one building to hundreds of sites.

24 Hour, 7 Day Call Out Service

We offer a 24 hour, 7 day call out service of all trades for those emergency situations that arise from anything from the simple replacement of a window to securing a site after storm or fire damage. Simply call the phone number of the location nearest to you and our staff will be there to assist.

Professional Advise

Our experienced staff can provide guidance on all aspects of maintenance to the level you require for your particular situation. We can work around occupied premises or other specialised constraints. We are only a phone call away to discuss your needs.

Project / Program Management

We can provide Project / Program Management services to meet your specific needs such as refurbishment of occupied premises in limited time frames or installation / upgrading over several facilities to meet changes in legislation such as smoke detectors or disabled access requirements.

  • Asbestos Management
  • Lead Based Paint removal Management
  • Mould investigation and remedial actions
  • Portable Water monitoring, cleaning and upgrading

Complete Compliance to Occupational Health Safety & Rehabilitation, Quality Assurance & Environmental Requirements

We take pride in compliance with Occupational Health Safety & Rehabilitation, Quality Assurance and Environmental Requirements so that our staff, subcontractors and clients have the works carried out in the safest possible manner. Our Management system is fully integrated into the way we do business so you are always covered no matter what the task is. Our quality records provide full traceability on all services carried out.